5 Things This Weekend

CR Laine for tobi fairley @psstudio

It’s Valentine’s weekend, and I’m solo with the boys while Simon is out of town at a conference. Frankly the whole week was a blur. The house is a wreck still and Thursday was nonstop, culminating in Jude’s Valentine’s party at school and basketball practice.  Initially I’d planned to go to Carlton Landing for the whole long weekend – we were hosting family, but it had to be canceled due to health issues, so I figured we might as well hang around for Jude’s final basketball game on Saturday, and then leave immediately after.

Except then there was a basketball team party afterwards. And zero nap for Archer, who screamed most of the morning and doused me in water, pizza dough, and crumbs during lunch, which meant I was a hot mess by the time it was all said and done. So we stayed home Saturday, took a long afternoon nap, and ran to our favorite burger place for dinner. Home again and everyone down for the night – more closet organization, and making a general mess. But I also got us all packed up for the morning. Fast forward to Sunday morning. Everyone is up with the chickens and I scurry to get us dressed and into the car.

Except. Where was my purse? No, not my big handbag –  my little striped clutch that I toss in my diaper bag. I tore up the car looking for it, and then tore up the house. Nowhere. At this point it’s 8:30 so I call the restaurant we ate at the previous night. No one will be there til 10. GAHHHHH

I scrounge up every last bit of cash around the house. Long story short, we drove to Carlton Landing with $120 and a checkbook. Luckily the restaurant does indeed have my little purse safe and sound. So all’s well that ends well.


Are you making design decisions based on some hypothetical future homeowner? A great read on this here.


Utterly obsessed with this shot from Eddie Ross’s Instagram


I watched the Misty Copeland documentary over the weekend and loved seeing her success story as an African American ballet dancer.


MEGA sale alert: my favorite designer for gorgeous frocks, Elizabeth McKay (remember this?), is having a massive clearance. Everything is 65% off. WHAT. RUN.


I’ve watched this video from OK Go and I can’t stop thinking about it. SO GOOD.