First Day of Second Grade

jude-first-day-of-2nd-gradeIt was a swift end to summer after our Disney cruise, and here we are at the beginning of a new school year. Jude started 2nd grade yesterday at his school and he was pleased as punch with his new classroom and new teacher.

And because we can’t just do one milestone, he went ahead and lost another tooth(!) last night to top it all off.  He’s also eating me out of house and home, which is making me suspect another growth spurt too.

I’m proud of this redheaded boy of mine. He’s really started coming around to his baby brother; I found him on the floor in front of the baby’s swing when Archer was really upset the other day and he was softly singing to him. He’s also started coming over to hug him and whisper, “I love you, Archer.”  He’s smart and a great reader in addition to being really obsessed with being on time everywhere (he gets that from me – sorry, pal). But beyond his good looks and smarts, he’s kind and caring. Last night he told me as we laid in his bed reading books (Harry Potter!) that he wanted to give his teacher a present and he knew exactly what he wanted to pick out from my shop. So we went into the office/shipping room and I prepped a little package of goodies that he requested. He’s proudly taken it to school with him this morning, along with a handwritten note. Good boy.

Things Jude likes as we begin second grade: Nike KD shoes, anything basketball, Legos, Nerf guns, and Minecraft.


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