Wood Floors and Picking Out Stains

Simon joked to me the other day that perhaps he’s in a nesting frame of mind too because he’s come up with all these things he wants to do to the house. Namely, putting in wood floors in the downstairs in lieu of all our (nasty) carpet. We had gorgeous wood floors in our first house and while I miss nothing else from that teeny tiny home, I do miss those glorious wood floors.  When I look at this photo I think, “OMG we had so much stuff crammed in that tiny house.”

Our First house

I hate hate HATE carpet. Especially once you have kids and/or dogs, I am utterly convinced that carpet is just one big sponge of nastiness that can never be truly cleaned. Between poop, pee, vomit, blood (and I’m not talking from just the dog), and all the other litany of spills I am totally ready to rip up every last square inch. Simon’s hesitant to do wood upstairs; he’s worried it would be noisy. I, on the other hand, have a feeling that we would be putting rugs down anyways, so why not?

Related to the nastiness of carpet: the other day Jude had a friend over and as they were coming down the stairs, Jude says in a manly matter-of-fact voice, “See that stain there? It’s red velvet cake that I threw up.” As if he were pointing out some kind of historical marker on the side of the road where a famous battle occurred. The other kid was like, “uhhh …” Simon and I fell over on the couch and died silent laughing.

So the end of the story is, WE NEED WOOD FLOORS. At the bare minimum, we’ll rip out the carpet in the front living room, dining room, and master bedroom. The real question is, what color do we stain it? We have parquet in the family room and I really do love the color, especially against the white walls. It’s warm and kind of golden. So there’s always that route. And I really don’t want to do anything too trendy in our otherwise fairly traditional house.

Completely unrelated: look at this picture of 5 month old Jude at our first house. OMG. MAH BAYBEEEEEE!  Those knobby knees! Those little brick feet!  I die!

5 month old Jude


Ok, ok – back to floors. Baby on the brain over here!  Here are a few shots of the parquet we currently have in the family room. I know some people hate hate hate parquet, but it really doesn’t bother me. And I do love the color because it’s so warm and golden.

view-from-entryway mantel-2


I’d love to hear your thoughts on what color wood floors we should go with.  There are so many options not to mention materials – it’s a little bit overwhelming. The first house had hardwoods all throughout underneath the carpet, so that removed the element of decision the first go around.  HELP!!!  Send all ideas, thoughts, links, loves, hates, etc. —


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