Here, There, Everywhere

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Last week’s getaway to New York was a welcome break. We hadn’t really been anywhere outside of OKC and Carlton Landing in months and I was reminded how good it is to get out of your routine/rut/regular life and experience something different. Especially if you’re a creative. Something simple like getting lost in the European paintings at the Met was exactly what I needed to feel re-inspired. Summer sucked the life outta me between morning sickness and trying to keep everything going while I felt so wretched. Not to mention the typical difficulties of summer when kids are out of school.2014-09-19 12.04.36

When I was pregnant with Jude, I was a freelancing graphic designer and I had no clue how my career would handle the rigors of having a baby. I put a stop on absolutely everything, which in retrospect was the right thing to do. I mourned the death of my then-career because I didn’t know how I would do it all. I had no role model for how to balance life and work.

This go around, I feel differently. I’m defining it all on my own terms, in a way that’s compatible with my husband and family. My career has had an awesome momentum (for the past 4 years especially) and I don’t want that to go away. And I don’t feel the need to completely halt like I did before, but I do acknowledge that some amount of slow down is necessary in the coming months. Looking to the long-term, I’ll probably shut the shop down at the beginning of 2015 and take a nice little maternity leave for the first quarter.

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I love this space, my corner of the internet. I love the opportunities it’s provided, and the voice that it’s given me.  Creativity is fulfilling to me, and I’m thankful for all the ways I get to manifest that.

Photo note: I shot these images of deliciously colorful Scandinavian glassware at a shop in NYC called The End of History. Absolutely worth a visit if you’re a lover of gorgeous glass, bright colors, and designers like Jonathan Adler.


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