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Carlton Landing - lake house - navy drapes - white walls - white oak floors - eames dining chairs -

Last night Jude and I dashed down to Carlton Landing to spend the night since I was able to get the cable guy finalized for Friday. So we are here for a few days and I’ve already hung the drapes (ermm, they’re too long GAHHHH) and the electrician is here now working on a few other things as well. Last night as we drove in, there were the most glorious clouds and thunderstorms rolling in across the lake. Steam was rising from the surface and it was absolutely beautiful. A giant rainbow was off in the distance and all I could think was, “This is magic. Pure magic.”

That being said, getting settled at the lake house has felt like an enormous undertaking. Simon and I have remarked numerous times how we’re setting up an entire house from scratch. New (or new-to-us) everything. Vacuums, mops, cleaning supplies, dishes, plates, pots, pans, toasters — the list goes on and on.

I’m amazed how many things have popped up that we need that hadn’t even crossed my mind because they’re so ubiquitous in our main house. Things like good spatulas, strainers, a plunger! And thus we’ve found ourselves making runs to Walmart (the only big box store within a 30-minute radius of the lake house – Jude likes to remind me that I “h-word” WM, which is true. I HATE it) or Target when we’re in OKC.  I hit up Bed Bath & Beyond this week in OKC and was thrilled to find fantastic drapery hardware that looked identical to the Pottery Barn ones I was eyeing, but for more than half the price. YES.


Carlton Landing - shipslap walls - white walls

Additionally we’re trying to think like prospective vacation renters. What does the house need for people who want to stay there? A smattering of basic cooking utensils in addition to the standard offering of cookware and dishes. But what else? Is there something you’d want to use if you were staying in a vacation rental? I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary, but I know I’m forgetting something.

Also on the list: a vacuum. ::sigh::  Not necessarily fun, but undoubtedly necessary.

Carlton Landing pool -

Happy weekend, everyone!


with love,

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