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This was kind of a big month for me when it comes to print press. I was featured in Better Homes & Gardens this month as the winner of the BHG Blogger Awards for editor’s choice top decor blog. Kind of a big deal! It is SUCH an honor to be included. I know there’s so much talk about print media being dead, but I simply don’t believe it to be true. Print media has a powerful hold on people – the massive circulation rates alone mean you get put in front of a lot of eyes. So for small businesses like mine, it can make a serious difference.

In addition to the blogger awards, they also put one of my Neapolitan stripe iPhone cases on their “In the Bag” spread. I almost completely missed it and then caught a glimpse and thought, “Well, that’s cute! OH WAIT! THAT’S MEEEEEE!!”

Better Homes & Gardens featured tech accessories including Pencil Shavings Studio's completely customizable iPhone cases in Neapolitan Stripe. #etsy #gift #bhgstyle


A big huge thanks to the lovely team at Better Homes & Gardens. You’ve made this girl’s year.

June 2014 issue of Better Homes & Gardens - Pencil Shavings Studio editors pick top decorating blog -

Now run out and pick up this fantastic issue!


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