Wrapup: Alt Summit 2014



After four crazy days of travel, blogger friends, and Grand America breakfasts, I’m happily home from another fantastic round of Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. Each year has had its own personality and feeling, and this year was no different. The panels were fantastic – better than last year! – and I loved the switch up in the format. They offered more roundtables this year which meant more opportunities to chat with people one-on-one which is always my most favorite part.

Anytime I go to a creative conference,  I come home absolutely exhausted. It takes me about two or three days to completely recuperate. After arriving Wednesday afternoon, I pretty much didn’t stop talking until I got home Saturday evening. Sunday wasn’t much of a break either – but it’s all worth it.

The first year I attended, I came away distinctly thinking, “YES. I have finally found my people!” And I’m more aware of how grateful I am for the internet connecting all these amazing creative people. photobooth-with-helena


A few highlights before we head on to our regularly scheduled programming:

Forging some new partnerships. I’m happy to announce that the fabulous Furbish has picked up a few Pencil Shavings Studio products and they’ll be available there ASAP! ::tosses confetti::

More fun with some amazing sponsors. I love the opportunity to get creative in every area I’m interested in. And I’m thankful for relationships with sponsors that allow me to do so. Look for some more fun things with Land of Nod later this year. Love the team at LoN!

Big ideas percolating. New products, new opportunities, and all manner of fun for 2014.


Finally, here’s a tip — when room service brings you a tray of French onion soup and you’re done with it, don’t try to hold it with one hand while opening the extremely heavy door. You will drop and subsequently break every.single.dish.  Additionally, you will scare the living daylights out of your roommates when they walk in the door and find the pile of broken dishes, horror-movie-style.


In all seriousness, thank you to the team at Alt for having me as a roundtable speaker again this year. It’s a total honor to be a part of such an inspiring event that’s truly changing lives, my own included.

with love,

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