A Christmas of Joy

Merry Christmas from the Shingletons - 2013

photo by Shannon Ho

WHEW! We made it through Christmas, everyone! Was it full of light, color, and joy for you? I’m happy to say that it was all of these things for us this year. I’ve been percolating on this season since last Christmas because I was totally down after it was all said and done last year. It was nothing short of stressful and anxiety-inducing, and I resolved that this year was simply not going to be this way.  While I was busy with shopkeeping, pop ups, and the Whole Foods event, I did significantly lessen the amount of work obligations for myself this December and it made for a far happier season. Even though the advent calendar and the Elf on the Shelf didn’t make an appearance this year and the Christmas cards still haven’t been addressed, we did have tons of fun with our silly ferris wheel and our annual visit to see Santa at the North Pole. Tons of yummy treats were made, gifts were given, and family was loved on.



My absolute favorite present are these Tory Burch fox earrings that Jude picked out for me. Simon said he took him to Nordstrom Rack and as they were perusing the options, Jude’s eyes fell on those little gems in the jewelry case.  “Ohhh, yes, we’re gonna need to see those.”  The girl took them out and showed them to him, who proudly proclaimed that those were the ones.  “Sooo, those look like your mom, huh, kid,” says the sales girl. Jude nods. “I’m just gonna go ahead and tuck the gift receipt right in here.”  I about died laughing when Simon told me the whole story. I wouldn’t trade ’em for the world. We do, however, think they slightly resemble Chihuahua heads. fox-head-earrings


Merry Christmas, friends — I hope you have had a restful, relaxing, joyous holiday. Come back next week when I show you the day-in-the-life family photos that Shannon Ho shot of us (including the photo we used on our Christmas card above!) as well as some other fun goodies.


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