Stationery Academy 2013


I’m back from the craziness of Stationery Academy 2013 – and it was a doozy! This year’s (two!) sessions were held in Dallas and we were put up in super swank digs at the Hotel Palomar.  And just like last year, it was chock full of inspiration, excellent how-tos, fun parties, and all the perfect details that Whitney and Natalie are so good at.

As an invited speaker this year, I really struggled with knowing if I should only go to one session or try to do both, so fellow speaker and alum Emily McCarthy and I both traveled into town on Friday to catch the end of Session 1 and then we were also able to be there for the beginning of session 2. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know that I would do that again – it was really hard to leave that second session and not be able to see how much the attendees take away from the experience. My favorite part of any event is getting to connect with fellow attendees, and that wasn’t totally possible this go around as much as I would’ve liked. Live and learn, you know?


My favorite parts were getting to know Emily even better, and also getting to meet design crush Erin Haines of Be True Designs.  There was a whole lot of talent happening in both of those sessions for sure. Additionally it’s so great to connect with people that you might not have ever met otherwise. Big ideas happen when you show up.

I can’t wait to see all the good things that happen for all the attendees of Stationery Academy!

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