DIY: Oomph Tini Tables Lookalike

Colorful Side Table DIY //

A few weeks ago, I was perusing Target’s new Threshold collection when I stumbled on these adorable little occasional tables, a near-copy of Oomph’s signature tini table. The Oomph version is so lovely but at $400, it wasn’t exactly practical when there were other things I wanted to buy for the living room. But when I saw the replicas at Target, I knew almost immediately that they would be a DIY in the making. The only problem? The original colorways were, well, booooring. (Especially when you consider how glossy & lovely Oomph’s versions are, in a dazzling array of colors that make it almost impossible to choose.) So of course I had to jazz them up a little bit.

I picked up two different styles (only this one appears to still be available – the other one came in black), some painter’s tape, and some Rustoleum spray paint (the ONLY spray paint I’d recommend). And a few hours later, a completely fabulous turnaround.

Here’s the before for the first one:


The texture of the top with the grasscloth was perfection, so I carefully covered it with the painter’s tape before spray painting. There was enough of a lip so you could wedge the tape underneath the rim of the table. Then it was time to spray!


The resulting finish is nearly perfection — it’s so glossy and lustrous, almost like it had actually been lacquered. At $50 for the table plus a few bucks for a can of spray paint, I was a happy camper. It’s the perfect little table to pull up next to an occasional table. Definitely don’t overload these tables with anything too crazy heavy like a lamp — not because they’re not strong enough (they are), but visually the impact would be too much with the style of the spindly legs. Stick to small accessories.

Blue-table-detailOomph Tini Table Knockoff Oomph Tini Table Knockoff detail

Oh, but we’re not through here!  Time to show you the second one before. This one was on sale for – wait for it – $15.



And now the after —

Oomph Tini Table Knockoff -- Oomph Tini Table Knockoff -- Oomph Tini Table Knockoff -- Oomph Tini Table Knockoff -- Oomph Tini Table Knockoff --

Is it bold? Absolutely — but that’s exactly what I love about these pieces. They’re small but pack a great visual punch. The pink one sits upstairs in my studio next to the comfy reading chair, and it makes me smile everytime I look at it. And if I get bored with the color? I’ll just spray it again.

There you have it — a simple but amazing DIY that you can knock out easily within an hour. But I guarantee that you’ll reap the benefits of it long after!

Which version is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!




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