French Style for the Outdoors: Fermob

Leave it to me to to fall in love with the most colorful (and FRENCH!) line of outdoor furniture ever.  Fermob produces all the outdoor furniture for the parks in Paris; if you’ve spent any time lounging in the Jardin du Luxembourg in one of their classic designs, you’ll recognize these almost immediately.

But! They also come in a dazzling array of colors – enough to make any Crayola box jealous. My personal favorite is the Luxembourg low armchair. They’re surprisingly comfy, and I have happy memories of burning time in between classes these as an art student in Paris.  Even better, these are built to last. You can find older versions in the flea markets in Paris, and they still look pretty amazing despite their age.

Fermob French Bistro Furniture - Luxembourg Low Armchair -


There’s a pretty wide variety of styles – the tables and chairs are particularly French and fabulous.  Oh, and look how cute the kids’ table and chairs are! The hardest part? Picking which color…

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