What $2M will buy you in Oklahoma

Over the weekend Simon and I stole away to check out some crazy over-the-top houses for sale in OKC. The Parade of Homes was happening, and Simon was a judge for some of the houses in town. He said I had to see a couple of them in northwest OKC that were going for around $2 million and he was definitely right about the over-the-top part. Still, I always love checking out what kind of finishes and materials are used and this one was staged pretty interestingly.I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take my good camera in; these are crummy iPhone photos, but you’ll get the general (grandiose) idea.

The kitchen was crazy large. I’m fairly certain it was the size of our entire first floor of the house. And interestingly, it was visually split in half – one side was dark and the other side was white. But the show stoppers were those two industrial pendants over the bar. Crazy awesome. I love a little industrial in a room.

The grandiose staircase led to several upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms, and a shared common space that featured an actual castle for the kids to play in. I am not even making this stuff up.

Inevitably I am always drawn to the kids’ rooms. I loved this particular room much more than even the master.

Check out that dramatic curtain into the bathroom. Around the corner is the shower, and then around another corner is the world’s largest kids’ closet.

But then, as we explored the closet, we stumbled on this hidden little gem. Would you not have died to have had a secret sunken space like this as a kid? Somebody is going to be REALLY lucky!

Downstairs the main living room had a beautiful coffered ceiling with an equally stunning (enormous) pendant lamp. They did a really good job of matching the enormous scale of the room with the furniture and fixtures.

The master bath featured a hand-painted domed ceiling.

The barrel-vaulted ceiling in the shower room opened up onto a round window to mimic the round transom. The ceiling was tiled with mosaics.

It just went on and on. I think it was somewhere around 7000 sf. Maybe more. And then outside? A lazy river for your swimming pool, overlooking the golf course.

We may not have a cool $2M to drop on this beauty, but to whoever does, can we come stay for awhile?