Five year olds are too darn cute, you guys. I know I say it at every age, but I really do think this is my favorite yet.

Bright and early before our moms group Bible Study, I asked Jude what he would like for his special birthday breakfast. He didn’t even have to think about it – “DONUTS!” he squealed.  That’s one of his favorite things to go do with his Papa Keith on a Saturday morning – isn’t that a great tradition?

I have never met a donut I didn’t love, so I was all too happy to acquiesce. So in the car we hopped, and it was off to Krispy Kreme.  Did you know that when you walk in the door, they automatically hand you a donut? This is dangerous, Internet. Hot yummy glazed donuts are totally my kryptonite (along with a lot of other things, actually…). It’s like a gateway donut, that first one they hand you right in the door. After you eat that one, you have to eat another one.

BE WARNED. The photos you are about to view could cause you to spontaneously drive straight to the nearest donut shop.

I think my favorite part is the waterfall of glaze.   I think it might be Jude’s favorite too.  There’s something about watching the donuts being made that reminds me of being a kid.


Later this week, Jude will get to have a little party at school and he’s requested that I bring donuts. He’s not going to have to twist my arm very hard, I don’t think. 🙂

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