New: Laptop Sleeves

I’m super excited to share one of the newest items for Fall. A few weeks ago I started hunting for sources for laptop sleeves. It’s one of the most frequently requested items I am asked for, and while I’ve had the sourcing for it for awhile through other companies, I’ve never been super satisfied with the quality or the designs of the sleeves themselves. I wanted something a little more luxurious and higher quality. I also wanted more design control over things like the stitching and other extras like handles.

So when I got my samples in the mail, I took one look and knew immediately that these were The Ones. If you’re an Instagram follower, you saw these on my feed last week. I got them photographed over the weekend and they are officially up in the shop for sale now.  Over the next week, all of our fall items are being listed, with lots of new patterns. I’ll also be adding more patterns for these sleeves, including an iPad sleeve version as well.

These sleeves are made in Brooklyn just for me. Each case is designed to order and you have the option of adding a handle or not. I personally love having the handle option as I’ve used a regular sleeve sans handle for a few years now.  The cases are neoprene and are extremely well made. In short, they’re showstoppers, and that’s what I’m all about!

All are available at the shop now for $60.  Interested in a different pattern? Just convo me at Etsy and I’ll get it in the works for you!