Getting Framed


If last week’s Follow Friday feature was any indication, I love abstract paintings. There’s something about the mishmash of paint and color on paper or canvas that makes me so happy.  A few weeks ago while I was attending Alt Summit, Simon took Jude to the OKC Museum of Art for a drop-in kids’ class. When they picked me up at the airport the next day, the first thing they showed me were the three colorful paintings that Jude had done.  Aside from being a proud mom, the designer in me was instantly attracted to the splatters and play of color across the textured paper. They’ve been living happily on our fridge, but I wanted to make them to something more.

I picked up some cheapo frames at Target complete with mattes, et voila! Instant art. Yes, it’s art by my kid. But framed, they’re instantly elevated into something interesting. Plus, hung as a set of 3 increases their drama.




Speaking of arranging, I’ve been in spring cleaning mode. I spent the weekend cleaning out cabinets, getting rid of stuff we didn’t need, and rearranging the furniture. It just feels so good to get a fresh point of view sometimes.

I swapped the pair of chairs from the family room with the comfiest sofa ever from the formal living room, and I am loving the change.



Are you in spring cleaning mode? What’s your biggest project to tackle?  Up next for me is cleaning out the closets!