Midweek Update

Somehow it’s Wednesday. I have zero idea how that happened.  It’s been an off week kinda because Juder’s been staying home from school because of a mild cold. So I haven’t accomplished a whole lot work-wise, but I have accomplished a whole lot of little-boy-snuggle-time, and that trumps it all.

Gave these gorgeous shoes a workout tonight at #speakeasy!

Item No. 1 of Interest: Did I tell you how awesome the OKC Orchestra League show house party was? Speakeasy was so much fun. I seriously should have taken more photos, but the night got away with me. Upwards of 300 people crammed inside that amazing 10,000-sq-ft 1920s-era house for an awesome night of great food and stunning architecture. I can’t wait to see the house once it’s been transformed. My lone photo of the night was of my shoes & purple tights.

I hopped into the tiny downstairs guest bath to, erm,  powder my nose  (does that state it delicately enough?) and nearly had a heart attack when I realized I was staring at 850 versions of myself. The owners had covered every surface in the bathroom with mirrors. Let me encourage you to think really hard about that for a minute. The bathroom. In floor-to-ceiling mirrors. In a space about the size of an airplane bathroom. It was like doing your business in the 360-degree mirror room of What Not To Wear. But in high-def.  I could not get out of there fast enough.

Hark! Is that a sample iPad case from Pencil Shavings Studio? I do believe it is!

Item No. 2 of Interest: I got my first sample in yesterday of my iPad cases! They’re fabric with a leather spine and suede lining, kind of like the DodoCases they sell at J.Crew. I’m super happy with how it turned out. I keep thinking the possibilities are endless with this!  More info and pricing as I get them available. I’m hopeful to have them ready for the shop by early March.

Domino Magazine
Item No. 3 of Interest:  Did you hear? DOMINO IS BACK! The Twitterverse was all aflurry yesterday with the news that they’ll be releasing “Quick Fixes”, AKA special editions. I heard somewhere that it’ll be twice a year, so we’ll see if that turns out to be true. Regardless,  the entire design community just heaved a humongous sigh of relief.

Item No. 4 of Interest: Look at MAH BAYBEEEE! A couple of weeks ago, we did a mini-session at Uptown Kids with photographer Angel Porch. I got this proof and I cannot stop staring at my baby’s precious face. I am not even kidding you when I say that I have stopped total strangers to say, “LOOK AT THIS FACE!” Simon’s all, “Give it a rest.” And I’m all, “Did you see that photo?”

Item No. 5 of Interest: Only 3 more sleeps til DisneyWorld.  Jude wanted me to tell you that.


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