Blogger’s Night Out. Or, That Time We All Got Eyebrow Waxed

Lest you think from my title above that we were hazing all the new BNO attendees, our third Bloggers’ Night Out was held at the fabulously fantastic Makeup Bar. Let me tell you, those girls know how to throw a party. Not only were they offering the aforementioned waxing, but there was all kinds of amazing food, and free makeovers!


In honor of our exciting night, I printed up envelopes for everyone to put their newly-acquired business cards in. And I also stuffed all the cards with invitations to my Oscar party.



I curled my hair up a la Whoorl and put on my best mix-and-match patterns.
Also, mad props to @whoorl for the curling iron tutorial this week.

I’m gonna admit, I was a leeeetle bit nervous about pairing up so many crazy patterns. But then I thought, what the heck. Life’s too short to not have any fun with my clothes. Plus I’m pretty obsessed with that skirt that just came from Asos yesterday. What I wore: Asos skirt // J.Crew outlet top (similar) // Marc Jacobs scarf (similar) // Stella & Dot necklaces.


Yours truly getting a smoky eye last night by the super-sweet, knowledgeable staff at the Makeup Bar.

Let me just say how thrilled to pieces I was when I walked through the door and saw a fantastically enormous group of women having a smashing good time. Our already-awesome group has grown exponentially, and it was exciting to see so many new faces.  Admittedly, despite the full-on-socializing mode hangover I’ve been feeling from Alt, it’s still hard to enter a room full of unknown faces. I heard from a few first-timers that it was a little bit intimidating to walk in and not really know that many people. Hopefully we can help circumvent that the next time around by implementing a few little improvements.

Susan also told me that she and Danielle tossed around the idea of doing roundtables to facilitate discussions on blogging from some of the, erm, blogging veterans. We I cracked up in the car on the way home that maybe we could call it the Teepee Summit? Or the Bison Summit? Or the Bison Powwow? Um, no.

Interested in checking out any of OKC’s finest bloggers? I’m biased, bien sur, but here’s the list I’ve got:

Danielle from
Alison from
Caroline from
Brigette from
Evie from
Sally from
Whitney from Whitney Kolb
Lauren from Lauren Corbyn

I know I’m forgetting several people, so if you would, please comment below & I’ll add you to the list ASAP!  See you all at the Oscar party!