Recap: Style at Alt Summit

One of the things I was most looking forward to at Alt was having a fantastic reason to dress up everyday.  I experimented with bold color, bright tights, and pushing the boundaries on layering jewelry. And I loved every single minute of it. It really motivates me to be more experimental and fabulous in my everyday life. Get dressed up to go to the grocery store? Sure! Put on layers of necklaces to pick up Jude at school. Why not? Life’s too short to not be as fabulous as you can every single day.  It mostly reflects on how I feel about myself.

The biggest style challenge was the white party on Thursday night. Sure, there was a lot of grumbling about “how am I supposed to find something white to wear in the dead of winter?” But I loved that there was a sartorial challenge.

Check out Susan’s fabulous Zara frock. It was perfection on her petite frame.

And as for me, I went with a gorgeous Kate Spade Melody frock that I found on eBay. I believe it was from last summer, and I got a great deal on it. The color was just right on me — not too white — but it had great vintage appeal.

Then I layered on all the pearls & gold chains that I own.

The finishing touch were my Kate Spade Charyl sequin heels. I MUST find a way to integrate these into my everyday life!!

On Friday I sported this bright chartreuse dress from Old Navy  that is my new favorite. I absolutely adore this dress and got tons of compliments on it. I paired it with black tights, and gold accessories such as  my all-time fave glitter flats from J.Crew.

For the final night of parties, I brought the Tracy Reese cocktail dress that Simon bought me a few years ago. I absolutely adore that dress and look for any occasion to wear it.

But what was everybody else wearing at Alt? It was kinda funny to see how similar we all really are in our style preferences. It was all about bright jeans, hair up in a topknot, and some black-rimmed glasses.  In fact, there were so many girls in adorable bright green jeans that I had to track a pair down online. Can’t wait to get them in.
Alt Design Summit 2012 - Thursday

Check out this cutie. I LOVE that necklace.

I sat with the Girls with Glasses at the keynote lunch on Thursday, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed them. Not to mention the fact that their party Friday was pretty rockin’.
Alt Design Summit 2012 - Friday night

Again with the buns. And that fabulous leopard swing coat she had on. Ba-nanas.

Alt 2012-Thursday

So there you have it. A full wrapup of all the style awesomeness at Alt. Coming tomorrow: the best in business cards!

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