Monday Funday

Did you have a good weekend, friends? Monday’s back and I’m ready for it.

On Sunday, we had a commercial shoot at Uptown Kids with a bunch of cute kiddos. Jude was nicely attired in this fabulous Tom & Drew velvet blazer, tuxedo shirt, and plaid pants. Pretty darn cute. I must admit, I feel a little bit Toddlers & Tiaras when we do stuff like this! You’ve never seen such a group of adults making silly faces & dancing around, trying to get the kids to perform for the camera.

Jude on set @uptownkidsokc.


On Friday night, we had date night and after gorging ourselves on Indian food, we waddled around the mall for an hour or so, where I picked up this infinity scarf (way better sounding than “snood”, right?) from the Gap.  It’s so deliciously cozy!

It's not really that cold outside, but I'm loving my infinity scarf. #comfycozy

I’ve also decided that I am totally in the Christmas spirit already. I’m obsessed with this photo of a white Christmas tree with brightly colored ornaments. I REALLY want one, but I’m thinking it will have to wait until after-Christmas sales. Womp woooomp. Pretty though, non? But really, I feel way more in the mood for Christmas because I’m starting to get things done in anticipation for the season now – before the stress really sets in. Our Christmas card was designed & ordered (and I cannot wait to show you them! Gorgeous!), I’m planning teacher & special friend gifts, and I’m making my list for family gifts. I even got a pair of Christmas jammies for Jude ordered.  Design Mom has had some great posts over the last week about Christmas w/ kids.  I particularly liked the advice of giving gifts in 3s (3 Magi! 3 gifts from the Magi!): something you need, something to wear, and something to play with. Smart, right? It simplifies everything and gives boundaries to gift giving.

Let’s see … what else. Oh!  New design!  You’ve probably already noticed, but I redesigned the blog this past week in a haze of cold medicine. Pencil Shavings Studio also has a brand new logo. I wanted something with more style and personality to represent my brand.  As a graphic designer, branding yourself is truly the hardest project ever. I’m never 100% satisfied and I fight the urge to redesign all the livelong day!

Ok, I think that covers it.  What were you up to this weekend?

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