New Things in Store

I wanted to be able to give you guys a sneak peek at some of the goodies I’ve got in the works around here.  I’ve been getting samples in of some new products to test out!

First item is this square melamine tray. I’ll be honest – I’m not madly in love with the design I whipped up for this one. I’m envisioning something more casual and colorful. Lightweight, functional, and pretty — this tray can be used for a dozen different things, from the kitchen to the office. Look for it later in chevron and some other prints. I think it’s the print that throws me off – it’s too dressy for this particular tray.  These melamine trays are 12×12″ and will retail for $65.

I’m also interested in finding a Lucite supplier so I could have some fabulous Lucite trays made up. The dressy girl in me wants something glamorous to have sitting out on the coffee table, you know? So if you have a lead on that, please let me know!

Also up are these ADORABLE personalized lunchboxes. I am madly in love with these cute little things!

They’re double-sided, so you can get different panels on either side.


The lunchboxes will retail for $26.50.

So there you have it!  What do you think? Exciting stuff around here!  I’ll let you know once I’ve got these up and ready for purchase in the shop.  I need to get cracking on some new designs for them!

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