Summer is in full swing here. The temps are soaring into the 90s and the humidity is finally here. (Yuck.)  But I’m grateful for a pretty patio to enjoy.



My cousins will recognize this green cup.  My grandmother Blanche had a set of these green plastic glasses. One in particular was really warped, I think from the dishwasher getting too hot or something.  Anytime we’d go to Grandmother’s house, the race was on to see who would get the warped glass first.  When she passed away, several of us each got one glass. I have no idea who got the warped one. Warped Glass Owner, will you please come forward?  Anyway, I cherish my one Grandmother Blanche green glass.



I heart espadrilles.  The ones on the left are Ked’s and the ones on the right are from the first Tory Burch collection released back around 2004 or 2005.


Summer is for jumping on the trampoline with cousins.



Matthew’s snazzy new guitar – so glossy and stylish.


All of the cousins participated in a charity fashion show featuring clothes from Uptown Kids a couple of weeks ago.  The highlight was seeing baby Piper who actually made 3 trips down the runway; she was so amped to be in front of a crowd!


Flamingoes at the Dallas Aquarium.  We went to visit my friend Julie & her little boy Jameson last week.  Julie lives in a fab high rise overlooking downtown Dallas.


Here’s the pool at her place. Um, can I move in? It’s like living in a fab hotel.

Are you ready for summer? Admittedly I am less than thrilled to get into a swimsuit yet!


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