Snowmageddon 2011

I read somewhere that over 1/3 of the US is covered in snow. In a move of mass hysteria, our weathermen implored us to gird our loins and fill our pantries. ::sigh:: And so today, I have zero idea what day it is. It’s like that movie Groundhog Day all over again.

Snow days are starting to seem overrated.  Remind me about this next year when I’m thinking how fun(!) a snow day sounds.

All I’ve done for days is work on designing invitations, updating the blog’s links and my main site, photographing projects, and drinking loads of iced tea with Simon and Jude.  I’ve been sitting in the kitchen, wrapped up in my warmest blanket (below).

But the boys were bundled up really warmly. We finally let Jude go outside after two days of begging and pleading. The wind has been like nothing else I’ve seen here when it comes to snow. So so frigid.

Sad story: we have a set of mittens that were passed down to us, but one of the mittens has gone MIA. So I had to ghetto rig up a poor man’s mitten for Jude out of two socks and two ziploc bags. SHAMEFUL.

It was way too cold to stay out for longer than 15 minutes. Silly since it took 15 minutes just to get dressed to go outside.

Are you a part of the 1/3rd under snow?

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