February is halfway over?


January was gone in a blink of an eye, and here it is halfway through February. I swear time is going faster than it used to.  And yet, in other ways, not so much. I remember hearing a phrase that has stuck with me a lot lately: “The days are long but the years are short.”  This was mostly in relation to how quickly your children grow up, but the same can be true for the everyday, mundane things of life. I apologize in advance for what is going to be a random post, full of all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.

Like dishes.

Man, I hate dishes. I hate doing dishes with a passion. And you know you’ve waited way too long to do the dishes when it takes two loads to do all the dirty dishes that have been piling in the sink.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Simon’s latest big project. He’s one of the design co-chairmen of the OKC Orchestra League’s decorator’s show house. Every year they pick a gigantic house and designers come in to redecorate, redesign, etc. Fun, right? Well, a lot of work, too.  I’m so proud of him. He has really stepped up and been a huge help to them this year. I’m really impressed with how much he’s undertaken.

And I’m also thankful that I get to have a part in it, too.  He’s helped me land some  print design work for them, which is a great opportunity. This year’s logo, for example:
GalaLetter.pdf @ 300% (CMYK/Preview)

Here’s an aerial view of the house they’re doing this year.  Isn’t it amazing? It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 square feet. Check out that pool in the middle!  I think the guest house in the back is practically the size of our house!  It will be open to the public for viewing, completely decorated starting either in late April or early May. I can’t remember which.
1701 Drury Lane, Nichols Hills, OK - Google Maps

Last week was the first party for the house – the undecorated party.  This is when everyone comes in to see the “before” — before anything has been changed or ripped up.  It was a lot of fun. Out of our typical scene, definitely, but a lot of fun.  I met a lot of really interesting people, and it was fun to get kinda dressed up in the middle of the week.  I pulled an old skirt out of retirement. I’m so glad the trends are turning towards hourglass shapes again – full skirts, defined waists.  This is right up my alley!

White Theory button-down stretch shirt, J.Crew earrings, black BCBG belt, Club Monaco skirt, Target tights, J.Crew suede wedge heels.

Otherwise, it’s been back in the swing of things now that the snow has melted and we’re experiencing 70 degree weather. Oklahoma is so weird.

One day during the snow storm, I looked down and I found all of Jude’s Playmobil people climbing up my laptop cord.

Does this look comfortable to anyone? No, I didn’t think so.

Ok, if you’ve made it through this post full of uncategorized, miscellaneous items, I give you a high five.  Oh well, that’s life these days!

I also wanted to say thank you for the amazing welcome you guys gave to my Etsy endeavors. I have been blown away by the response and I am so thankful!

with love,

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