Man, Simon, your car sure looks dirty. You really oughta wash it more often.

Oh wait. It wasn’t yours. It was Jude’s! (smacks forehead)

The weather has been so pretty the past week or so that we’ve been able to go out for a drive (ha) every now and then.

If you were born in the 80s, you might recognize Jude’s pal, Teddy Ruxpin. Did you have one of these when you were a kid? I did and I lOVED him.  I can even remember the magical commercial where the kid takes Teddy to school and he is TALKING. WHOAH.

My mom found out that they were making them again a few years ago and bought one for Jude and other grandkids. It seems a bit smaller than the original one, or maybe that’s just my memory of it.  I’ve kept it in its box up in the closet of Jude’s room. And until this past weekend, Jude had never noticed it. Now that Teddy is going everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) with us, I’m amazed at how many other people my age stop us and say, “Oh my gosh! Is that a Teddy Ruxpin?!?!”   Last weekend we were walking through the mall, and Jude was determined that he would walk and Teddy would ride in the stroller. Which is all good and fine until Mommy is walking around pushing Teddy in the stroller, looking like a moron, with no child in sight. Umm, missing your childhood much, crazy lady?

Just wait, Jude, for when I actually put the batteries in Teddy!  Then you’re really gonna freak out!  🙂