Let the baking begin!

Are you a holiday baker? Do you create tons of sugar cookies from scratch? Or maybe a favorite handed-down recipe that’s a family tradition?

My family isn’t super big on Christmas baking in particular, although I do think it would be great fun to have some kind of cookie exchange. I’m definitely a fan of making things from scratch; I love the process. And I do love to bake. I love that if I follow the directions just so, then I know (almost) exactly how they’ll turn out.

Here’s some favorite holiday food inspiration photos that I’ve been collecting to get you in the spirit of the season – let the baking begin! Sources at my Foodie Pinterest site.

I think these are the cutest cookies ever!

I’d love to know how to make pretty cookies like these – almost too pretty to eat!

Cute cupcakes; makes me think of those vintage Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer stop-motion movies from the 60s.

A clever new twist on a favorite – I think I’ll have to put my rice krispie treats in a muffin pan next time.

Caramel-wrapped marshmallows(!).

Candy cane marshmallows.

Hot chocolate layer cake w/ marshmallows

Melting snowman sugar cookies

Pumpkin whoopie pies w/ cream cheese frosting. Let the pumpkin love continue!!

Pumpkin bars w/ cream cheese frosting

Andes Mint cookies

Tiny little pancakes on a skewer – what a chic breakfast this would be.

Speaking of breakfast, I love the idea of these jam-infused butters paired with homemade buttermilk biscuits.

Broccoli & sausage egg “muffins.” This would be so yummy on Christmas morning.

Nutella-filled donuts. EASILY done w/ Williams-Sonoma’s ebelskiver pan. Ebelskivers are like little pancake balls. I like to stuff them with peanut butter, nutella, or jam.

Ok, this is not really baking, but I could not resist adding this. So pretty! Apple cider cups

Mini eggnog cheesecakes… mmmmm.

I have no idea where in this hemisphere you’d get strawberries that look this good, but aren’t they kinda cheesy-cute?

Frozen Banana Bites

And finally, a cute little igloo cake from Martha.

Whew! I’m hungry now! Must go scrounge in the kitchen for some chocolate …

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