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I notice that I get a lot of visitors from people who are searching for information on Ulcerative Colitis. That’s right – I see you! Even if you aren’t commenting. But I digress . . .  I recently updated my UC+Me page to include a FAQ section and some other pertinent info.  As always, I am more than happy to share my experience with you if you’re considering surgery. It’s a huge step, but it’s so gratifying to be able to talk to other people who have been in the same boat as you. I have really enjoyed emailing, chatting, and texting with a handful of awesome girls who are all close to my age who are dealing with the same issues. We’ve all been experiencing the same things; there’s an impressive power in the collective experience.  So, if you have questions, email me here anytime. Or leave a comment on any post – I’ll get back to you.

Me – exhausted and sick – but right before my first (of many) doses of prednisone. January 1, 2007. Wish I was this skinny now, but I don’t wish I had the sickness that accompanied it!

At my uber-puffiest from loooooots of prednisone. Whew. November 2009 right before surgery in Dec.

Me this summer.

I’m amazed at how quickly the time has passed. It’s nearly been a year since that initial trip to Mayo Clinic (October 2009); ten months since that first difficult surgery of having my colon removed and temporary ileostomy put in place (Dec 2009). And then seven months since my ostomy reversal – the takedown(March 2010)! While there have been a couple of bumps in the road over the past seven months, life is still so much better than when I had UC. Sounds silly, but it wasn’t so much that I had UC – it was more that UC had me. Every single day, I thank God that He led us to Mayo and that He gave me the courage to follow His plan to have surgery. It’s all to His Glory what has happened here with me. It was definitely nothing that I did.

At my sickest, I had gained upwards of 20 pounds in a matter of weeks. Slowly I’ve been getting all that weight off and I’m finally inching closer to my pre-sick, pre-pregnancy weight. Running has helped a LOT. But I still like to eat. A LOT. So balancing the two is a nice little juggle. Right now, I’m needing to find some motivation to get back out there and run some more. I took off this last week, and seeing how the past two weeks have gone, I’m really wondering where I’m going to fit it into my schedule. ::sigh::

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep on exercising?


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