When you’re not afraid of color

Clearly I am no fan of beige.

It’s just how it is. I love color. When we first moved into our very own home (read: not a rental), we went a little nuts with paint, giving every room in the house the once-over in color, not really thinking too hard about it, but rather going off of how we felt.

Not exactly the best move I would make now, but I do give us points for style for going with our gut.  🙂

Anyway, Simon’s got a really cute new listing in Quail Creek and he went to take some preliminary photos today. I’m a little sorry I didn’t get to go along. I like seeing how different people live; it’s so interesting. I like to go along sometimes to help rearrange or imagine rooms in new ways to be more appealing to buyers.  And the people who live in this house not only have a boy named Jude (quelle coincidence!) but they also share a mutual love of color. I thought you guys might like it too.

I love this formal living room. The color is gorgeous but the rug is what makes it for me. And get this – it’s actually two smaller rugs put together to meet up in the middle of the pattern. Wow!

We had nearly the same blue color in our master bedroom at the old house. I loved it.This dining room-slash-living is so pretty and moody.

I’m loving the built-ins, too. The TV is casually tucked into the corner with no major focal-point-emphasis, and it works really nicely. Relaxing.

The sellers worked on updating this kitchen and redid the kitchen cabinets on top by removing chicken wire and broken glass previously there, and putting fabric in its place. Stencil work above is not my favorite and I would probably choose to paint over it, but it’s a cute country kitchen. The hardware on the cabinets is gorgeous, as is the sink and faucet set.

Cute vintagey light fixtures, too. I think this has lots of character.

All the bathrooms in this house are big and dramatic. Think of all the fun color combinations you could do w/towels against that brown wall. Blue, green, red, pink, you name it. The white details make everything look crisp like a hotel.

There are five bedrooms in this house. FIVE. PLUS a craft room that made my heart pitter-patter.  Lucky ducks!

Master bedroom. Again, a soothing color. Huge room.

I’d like to know what the gray color is that they used in the hallway.

Also, if anybody in the OKC area is looking for a French-door fridge (counter-depth), theirs is for sale. Email Simon for info on that one.

Anyway, the official listing will go live later this week and I imagine it’ll go pretty quickly. It’s got a lot of potential. You can check out to see it later once it’s up.

Congratulations, Simon! Look how far you’ve come in a year – I’m so proud of you for pursuing what it is that you LOVE! God has blessed us in this past year and it does my heart good to see you happy. I know the phrase goes “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” but in reality, it’s all the more true about the daddies, too. 🙂  LOVE YOU.