True that.

Maybe you needed to see this today too.

Because I did. A craptastic day is how I’d describe Friday. My car got smashed into by a guy who just didn’t see me there as he attempted to cross multiple lanes of traffic. More than anything I’m thankful that I didn’t get hurt but also that Jude was not in the car with me. I would have been hoppin’ mad then, I guess.

Best part: talking with the AAA lady as I’m trying to ascertain where the stupid tow truck was that was 30 minutes late. After she told me that if they didn’t show up in another 15 minutes (!?!?!?!), she said in the biggest I-read-all-this-off-a-script-voice, “And ma’am? You just have a great day, ok?”

Yeah. Ok. Thanks. That really did make everything SO MUCH BETTER.

Anyway. It just feels like one more thing to deal with on top of all the other ridiculous things that have happened to us or to loved ones near us lately.





Over it!

Ok. Pity party has been had and it’s time to move on.