Mt Scott & Medicine Park

On Saturday we decided to take the new car for a drive down to southwest Oklahoma. When Simon was a kid, his folks took him and his sister down to Mt. Scott, near Lawton, frequently. He has good memories and wanted to take Jude.

For the most part, Oklahoma is pretty flat, so it’s exotic to us to see any kind of topographic change.

Jude said over and over, “We’re in the jungle! I look for tigers! I skeered of tigers!!”

It was really hot, but man, it was gorgeous.

Lunch was at a shack on the side of the road. Literally. It was called Ann’s Country Kitchen, and it was good to us. After climbing in the “jungle,” we went to another little town nearby called Medicine Park. It has a creek that runs through it, and it feels like some magical little place out of a different time. I think it would be a fun place to have a little cabin.

For $2, you can swim in the creek and laze away the day on a raft.

I was a party pooper and forgot to bring my swimsuit. So I sat on the side in the sweltering heat and sincerely wished I could just jump in.

Jude had the time of his life, pretty much. Between rock climbing at Mt Scott and swimming in a real live creek, it was a good day.

Fun local architecture – the buildings were built out of indigenous cobblestones.

What did you do this weekend?

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