O, Russell+Hazel, how do I love thee

Let me count the ways …

I have this fantasy where I have somewhere around 50 of these Russell + Hazel binders on a gorgeous bookshelf or two (ahem – Mom, you know which ones I’m talkin’ about – ha!) in my office. I would have binders in a variety of colors and I would be supremely organized.

I bought my first R+H binder this weekend in Dallas (in apricot!) and I am madly in love. Mine is a mini binder and you can pick whichever inserts you would prefer for your needs. ¬†Sized just right to fit into my tote bag, I purchased file folders to go in it – it fits my Moleskines and folded-in-half 8.5×11 papers perfectly.

Once again, the hardest part is picking your favorite color. Not an ugly one in the bunch!

Also a rarity these days is their delightful Recipe binder.

It seems hard to find recipe cards, etc, that aren’t straight out of 1975.

Acrylic collator? OH YES. Glamour glamour glamoooour.

The shop owner in Dallas told me that at the R+H store in Minneapolis, they have a Binder Bar where they will custom build you a binder for your specific needs. A student? They’ve got you covered. Or maybe an interior designer looking to get organized? Yup. You, too. All in all, R+H is definitely one of my favorites. Can’t get enough!

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