Getting Organized: the Office

As I find myself surfacing after a crazy couple of weeks of design project deadlines along with just trying to tread water here at home, I feel royally discouraged at the extreme disorganization of my office. It is pitiful. Awful. I need to lug a huge black trash bag up there and clean house. So I thought I’d do a post on some of my faves when it comes to office organization.

While I don’t use these boxes exactly, I have nearly-identical ones from the Martha Stewart line at Michael’s. I use them to store all my miscellaneous blank paper: copy paper, white paper, scrapbook paper, photo paper, and cream-colored paper. I keep it next to my printer and pop it open when needed. The scrapbook paper one is overflowing; I don’t scrapbook, but I love the variety of papers for various projects. These boxes by See Jane Work come in some fun colors.

These wall-mounted magnetic magazine holders are so fab. You could use several of them on a wall to make a fab graphic statement. They’d also be great for (blah) organizing bills. But who’d want to do that? (My husband is shaking his head at me right this second.)

Moleskines are my favorite sketchbooks and journals for note-taking at meetings and Bible study. I can’t resist them when I drop into Barnes & Noble. They come in a dizzying array of sizes and useful formats for every possible use.

The coolest large-scale calendar ever: Pentagram, the legendary design firm, puts out this awesome typography-centric calendar each year.

These letter trays are inspired by vintage locker baskets. I love the look of these. I can’t stop buying vintage metal baskets.

Of course you need adorable notepaper in equally fab lucite boxes. From Iomoi.

And, if you’re still not done organizing those bills or wayward invoices, a classic collator will do the trick. I really want one of these. I think they are the coolest.