January Days


Pipecleaner Valentine’s garland on the kitchen chandelier.


I got a barrel of 100 cookie cutters for $9 at Bed Bath & Beyond. I thought Jude would get a kick out of them when we play with PlayDoh, but I also wanted a variety of shapes for when I make cookies.



Somebody who shall remain nameless (ahem) likes to eat PlayDoh. And crayons, too.


That’s what a barrel of 100 plastic cookie cutters looks like.


That night, we hopped into “the Big Bed” and called Grandma Jo before bedtime. Jude loves to call Grandma Jo.


Jude likes it even more when Mom wears his hats.


Then, the next day, I started working on some cookies to take to the neighbor who recently fell and broke her hip. I used Martha Stewart’s recipe for chocolate shape cutout cookies.


Jude helped.  Can’t you tell?


Ok, these were supposed to be heart-shaped. I was really frustrated -I followed Martha’s instructions to the letter, and then still didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped.

funny grumpy face

Hilarious face.


Then we made a bunch of star-shaped ones for Jude. These are the ones he helped with. Including the big blob shape on the other side of the cookie sheet.


Then, because it’s hard for me to get a shot of me and Jude together, I set the timer. And the one above, and the one below are what I got.

like mother, like son. we look crazy.

This is a terrible picture of the both of us, but Simon laughed so hard when he saw it. “You two look just alike! Hahahaha!!”

I’m so grateful, more than anything, that I have the energy to be doing fun stuff with my Red.