Rue du Marche St-Honore, Paris

This photo from The Sartorialist made me do a double-take, and then I caught the title of it – on the Rue du Marche St-Honore – just because it was shot on the street where I lived one summer in Paris. I had a tiny little studio that opened up onto a courtyard, above two restaurants,  and I was spending the summer of 2003 studying with Parsons School of Design (fine arts), as well as the Paris American Academy (fashion). My studio looked into the upstairs bathroom of one of the restaurants, but it took me a good couple of weeks to figure out that that’s what it was. There was a constant, um, stream of people in and out of it, especially in the evenings, and then it hit me. Oh. The loo.

It was the best summer I have maybe ever had. This photo reminds me of all the sights and smells of that street that I walked every single day. There was a gorgeous fish shop that had the most amazing oysters I’ve ever seen, a very smelly butchershop that received the largest slabs of beef I’ve ever seen, as well as a smattering of chic little consignment shops and wine bars. It also reminds me of the warm and cozy little bistro in the square there where I would sit with friends and we would consume all manner of amazing food for hours at a time. A creme brulee here and there, too. And there was this one chicken dish, with these delicious spiced apples… it was heavenly.

Ahhh, Paris. Thanks, Sartorialist — this made my day!

The Sartorialist.

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