Dallas October Getaway

I hope you guys had a great weekend! We were able to steal away with my parents for their first (non-medical) trip in months. They were gracious enough to go down to Dallas with us to take care of Jude while Simon and I went to the wedding of an old friend.

The wedding was really beautiful. My best friend growing up was Sarah. We called each other Sarah Boo and Rachel Boo, and we were quite the pair. Her older sister Lauren met a really lovely guy (a doctor!) and they fell in love and were kind enough to invite us to their wedding. I don’t think I’ve seen them in over 12 years. It’s been a LOOOONG TIME!

The wedding was in a house called the iPlace. It’s like a retreat or conference center for church administrators. The property was gorgeous, but it had unfortunately decided to pour rain that day, so everything had to be moved inside. It was still absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of the most different weddings I’ve ever been to.

Sarah and I.

The lovely bride, Lauren.

Sitting at the dinner table. The food was delicious!

Here they are during the ceremony. Her Dad, Don, did the ceremony. He was our music minister  at our church when I was growing up.

The house was so charming. A great place for a party.

Ready for a night out on the town!

Other funny pictures from the weekend…

Ok, I don’t know what face I am making in this picture, but we have just cracked up at it all weekend. Jude was in dire need of a nap at this point on Saturday afternoon.

Please let me sleep!!!

Jude in the bathtub at the hotel – more on that later.

Simon and Dad. Dad is showing off his new shampoo purchase that promises to add body and life to his hair. 🙂

mmmm, don’t these look amazing?

Jude eating a chocolate donette. One of my guilty pleasures.

I love a good Halloween ROUS (rodent of unusual size).

Oh horrors!

Dad, practicing his scared face. Hahaha

Jude, in a tender moment.

Jude’s little Heavenly Crib – it had little cloud sheets and a little cloud rug to stick in front of it. He loved it and felt really special in it. We sat there in the windowseat and looked at some of his books that I brought from home.

If it weren’t for my parents and their awesome generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to make this trip down so fabulously. We stayed in an amazing hotel – the Westin at the Galleria. It’s been recently remodeled, but by the grace of God we were able to get a killer deal on a suite for us. It was nice because we also had access to their concierge level, which means free snacks all day. And when you’ve got a busy toddler, free snacks at all hours are imperative.

The room had two bathrooms – this one was maybe my favorite. That blue and green tile was awesome. Isn’t the sink gorgeous?

The living room with a pull-out couch.

The “master” bath. Impressive! Gorgeous tilework, and an amazing carrara marble vanity.

Did you SEE that bathtub? I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten in a bathtub, and I got in this one twice. It was that good.

And of course, the most amazing Westin Heavenly Bed. There are pocket doors on either side of the bed that lead into the living room.

Jude, checking out the fancy digs.

Mom and Dad, you spoiled us rotten this weekend. We love love love you and are so thankful for you! More than anything, I’m just so grateful that Mom is up to traveling and being back to normal! Thank you for all the food, snacks, drinks, goodies, toys, etc., that you just lavished upon us. We can only hope to pay you back in some way!  xoxoxoxoxox

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