Well, hello, September!

Aren’t you so glad it’s September? And that August is passed? August is like the worst month of summer — you’re sick to death of the heat, ready for the regular swing-of-things schedule to begin again. Even if you don’t have kids or aren’t going back to school, there’s still something about September that equals stability somehow. Now we can come back from the stupor of summer and get down to business.

I cannot even wait for pumpkins. I adore pumpkins. Our new neighbors have two little kids, one of whom is obsessed with Halloween. He is, in fact, so obsessed that he planted pumpkins in their garden here in our cul de sac. How cool is that? BTW, he’s, um, five. Yeah. I know(!). Isn’t he the coolest? I love going over and checking out the growth on the pumpkins. No fruit (err, meat??)  so far, but the vines are amazing and the flowers are so gorgeous.

This week I’m flying solo as S has gone off to Baltimore with my parents and brother-in-law. (editor’s note: Please don’t read this as an invitation/opportunity to come rob my house, kidnap my child, or murder me in my bed. Thank you.) Mom is meeting with her new, expert doctors on vasculitis at the Hopkins Vasculitis Clinic, and we are all very excited that (1) she is able to meet with experts on her disease and (2) that she felt well and up enough to actually go somewhere. Finally, (3) we are thankful that there is a direct flight from OKC to Baltimore. I mean, what are the odds?

So this week, I plan on:
– updating Window Dressing (I’m a few days behind)
– getting my print projects complete and mailed/delivered (1 out of 3: complete!)
–  making a cover for Jude’s nap mat that he takes to MDO (I’m going to use this cute duvet cover I got at IKEA)
– maintain a sparkling kitchen
– putting away all the crazy laundry that has overtaken the dining room
– enjoy reading library  books while snuggled in my bed. Gotta fill that empty space somehow! 🙂 Miss you, S!
– grocery shop. Blehhhh.
– Do my Pilates videos that I have in my Netflix onDemand queue. Yippee!
– Organize and arrange my jewelry and handbags in the closet.

What are you up to this week?