Found on the side of the road

I’m not ashamed. I am now a dumpster diver. Kind of. Is there a term for someone who picks up stuff that people have put out for Big Junk Cleanup? Because that’s now me.

On the way to pick Jude up from MDO the other day, I was thinking about how I really wanted one of those cheapo Lack side tables for $8 from IKEA so I could have a little table-and-chairs setup in the playroom. I thought it would be cute w/ Jude’s kitchen. I’d really been crushing on those darling “real” tables from Pottery Barn Kids, but just hadn’t ever found one at the right price. They’re pretty high in demand on craigslist, so I’ve always struck out on that one.

So I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was driving through the Village (yes, that’s the technical title for an actual city here in OKC) and saw this on the side of the road, kicked to the curb.Say wha?! Yup, a real live kids table, just sitting there. Covered in mud. And needing a new home. I did a complete 180 in the street and drove back. I looked around, assessed the state of the table, and then threw it in the hatch of the car.

Simon asked if anyone saw me when I took it — hahaha. I admit to feeling a little… funny. Like I was stealing or something. But I’m telling you, it was meant to be! It was meant for me! I brought it home and sprayed it down with the power sprayer — I got all the mud off, and even managed to power spray off a layer of scrapbook paper that someone had glued down onto the original linoleum top. I think I might redo the top somehow. And it has a cute vintage feel to it with that aluminum edging. The wood is in good condition overall — I also might paint it at some point, but for now, it’s good as is. Cleaned up and ready to be played with! I cannot believe my luck.

I jokingly told Simon that I just saved us $8 — now he doesn’t have to pick me up a table at Ikea! 🙂

Should I paint my little chairs? I keep wavering back and forth — keep ’em natural or paint them a color or maybe just plain white. Take my poll here and let me know what you think.[polldaddy poll=1922342]

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