bicycle love

I have a thing for bicycles. I absolutely love them. Almost as much as I love Vespas. I think it goes back to when I was a student in Paris. There were so many chic Parisian women riding their bicycles to and fro and I wanted to be just like them. Women in full regalia – skirts, dresses, high heels. Looking absolutely fabulous. You don’t see people like that here.

I loved this photo from The Sartorialist today — he had a whole post devoted to bicycles!

Every now and then I get a wild hair to spray paint my bike some really pretty candy color. Check out these bikes from Electra. Aren’t they gorgeous? And the Alexander Girard designs?!?!? ACK!

I love Vespas, too — I have this dream that someday I’ll have some fun little number that I can jet around in. With matching helmet, bien sur.



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