So I picked up a copy of a local little newspaper that is restricted to “affluent Northwest Oklahoma City” — a small tome that is mostly about who-knows-who and political opinions, that sort of thing. Anyway, it happened to list the winners of the 4th of July parade in our neighborhood.

Poor Jude. He is listed as “Winner in the stroller category: Jude, daughter(!) of Rachel & Simon Singleton.”

Ok, people. Seriously. I am sick to death of repeating myself. When I am pronouncing my last name, no I am not saying it with a lisp. No, I do not have a speech impediment. Clean out yer ears! It’s Shingleton. Not Singleton.

And my child is not a girl.

Ok, there’s my rant. Thankssomuch. At least they didn’t list him as Judy Singleton. That would’ve been worse. 🙂