Untitled Update

Ok, so I still haven’t heard from the winner of my first giveaway. If I don’t hear from her by Wednesday, I’m going to draw another name! So. Keep checking back, ok?

I hope your Mother’s Day weekend was great! Ours was delightful.  Friday night was spent at Mom & Dad’s (pancakes for dinner!). While Simon ran errands on Saturday morning, Jude & I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and looked at books and magazines. It was good just to hang out with my folks. I know they’re probably a little bit stir crazy from being stuck at home while my mom recuperates. Mom is doing better. She is still on oxygen, but has gotten good reports from the doctors. There is no cancer, and for that we are supremely thankful. 

I had a baby shower to go to in Yukon (aka, the boonies — well, from where Mom & Dad live, at least!), and somehow in my mind I had convinced myself that the shower was at noon. Um, wrong. After hauling it to Yukon, finding the house where the shower was at, and then realizing that there were no cars there, I placed a call to a friend and casually inquired as to the time of the shower. Um, yeah. One o’clock. Oooookay. So what to do when stuck in Yukon? Drive around and explore! Yukon’s actually a pretty cute little town. The old downtown has some fun little shops, and I went to Sorella Due, one of the cutest little kids’ boutiques in the area. 

Saturday night, Simon made me the most amazing dinner he has ever cooked. I think that he has missed his calling as a chef, I really do. He made this most amazing filet mignon, crusted in peppercorns, a la the Barefoot Contessa. It was amazing. And. AND! He made me a two-layer yellow butter cake w/ chocolate frosting. Divine. He is so amazing.

As I ironed a tiny little boy’s button-down shirt on Sunday morning, I thought to myself, “How marvelous that I get to do this.” My petit is so precious. Yet somehow when we picked him up from the church nursery after the service, he was shoe- and pants-less. There was an … ahem, accident. So the poor kid had to make his way through church sans pants. Only at this age, my dear, only at this age.

Mother’s Day lunch was at Mom & Dad’s. It was so good for all of us to be together. Mom looks really good and seems like she’s feeling better. I love you, Mom.

Today we hit the pediatrician’s office for J’s 18-month checkup. He is 32 inches high; 24.5 pounds heavy. This puts him in the 50th and 30th percentiles, respectively. These are the highest percentiles he’s ever been! Go Jude go!

And tomorrow I will go in for my second Remicade treatment. We jokingly call it my herbal infusion, as if I should be receiving some kind of special spa treatment. In a way, I look forward to it. It’s two hours, child-free, where I can read or sleep or whatever. So in a way, it is like a spa treatment. A really expensive spa treatment that involves needles. Ahem.

I hope your mother’s day was fab! And like I said, check back in to see about the giveaway. I’m sending SOMEBODY a Venice print, darn it!


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