I Big Pink Puffy Heart Elements of Style!

One of my most favorite blogs is Elements of Style. It’s one of the few that I consistently have to read every single day. Erin has such great style and her picks for both fashion and home are always spot-on.  

And somehow, she always has the inside scoop on what’s cool. Even better, in my opinion, is that she finds things at a variety of price points. Case in point – this post on Pier 1 Imports.

I have a love/hate with Pier 1. For a long time, things were…. well, disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my adolescent love affairs with directors’ chairs, papyrus folding screens, papasan chairs, and colored glass bottles. (Yes, this is all true; as true and real as my heinous mid-90s perm).

But lately it seems that things are on the up-and-up. Erin posted about all the cool finds, and my eye landed on this little number, the Bonaparte console table:

About three months ago, I bought the Bonaparte’s sister table, a round side table, for a STEAL at $30. When I did a quick peruse of the PIer 1 site for the console, I saw that it was only $40. $40!! I mean, c’mon. I couldn’t find something like that at Goodwill for $40!

Erin also featured this photo (above), showing a similar version of the Bonaparte, and I was inspired. Simon agreed that we should get it, and now it is happily in our house. Although (confession time), I don’t really know where to put it. It’s sitting in front of our sofa in the front living room, but it’s a little tall. Regardless of where it ends up, I’m super happy with it. It’s a great piece that could work in almost any room of our house, and that’s what I look for when I’m furniture shopping. 

I think it goes back to my mix-and-match/rearrange philosophy. I’ve always felt like rearranging your furniture is like having all new stuff, but for free.  Anyway. When I took the photo above, I promptly moved the table right afterwards. I’ll let you know where it ends up.

Oh, and don’t forget! You have until Wednesday to enter the giveaway! See the post below!