Christa’s Shower

Hooray for babies — and hooray for baby girl babies! My friend Christa, who I have known since the first grade, is having her first baby in July, a sweet little girl. It was with great pleasure that I and five of her girlfriends got to throw her a fun shower on Saturday. Oh, how I love a party — and even better when we get to have a girly party! 

Christa, we love you and can’t wait to meet your little one! She’s going to have one great momma and daddy!

Yay for pompoms! Aren’t they fun?

Clearly I am obsessed with the pompoms. Please indulge me.

I brought Jude’s bassinet down from the playroom where it was previously holding stuffed animals and it is all ready to hold gifts!  Meanwhile, in the playroom, it looks like a stuffed animal massacre. I really don’t know what to do with all of them.

What’s better than a bassinet full of baby gifts? A bassinet AND a cute red stroller full of gifts! Oh, you should have seen the precious smocked bonnet that the grandmother-to-be handmade for the new baby. Too sweet!

Christa’s pal Sara is such a good friend. She really wanted to help with the shower, but was leaving for vacation the day-of, but she still made (from scratch, mind you) the most amazing, gorgeous cupcakes ever! She brought them over on Friday morning, and it was all Simon I could to do to keep his my hands off of them.

All the hostesses with mama-to-be, sans hostess Erin who had to leave early with her sweet little baby boy. FYI, Erin is one of my new favorite people. I met Erin on the internet(!) three years ago or so — we were both brides over on’s message boards, and we became online buds. Who knew — the internet! Not just for perverts and weirdos anymore! Anyway, turns out we had some mutual friends, and Christa was one of them! It was great fun to hang out w/ Dr. E and enjoy some time oohing and aahing over her sweet new little bundle of joy. (He definitely has the best hair of any kid I have ever seen).

Sweets and treats to drink.

These little babies just crack me up. I bought a package of them at Michael’s and hid them in various centerpieces. Kinda sad that they’re all naked and sitting on prickly coral. Sorry, little babies.

All in all, a marvelous party for a marvelous mama. Now. The party’s over, and this only means one thing: it’s vacation week! Hooray!

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