Happy Easter!

Well, when it rains it pours.

Actually, that really isn’t exactly true. We’ve had the craziest week ever. Let me tell you, absolutely crazy.

Monday was our playgroup, hosted here at our house. Tuesday …. well, I can’t even remember Tuesday. It must have not been eventful. Wednesday was my dear sweet mom’s birthday, as well as BSF, and then I played mom to my 3 nephews + Jude. (the long & short of it: I picked them up from school and we got milkshakes from Johnnie’s, we glittered easter eggs, wrestled up in the bonus room –well, they wrestled, not me — then we went to swimming lessons, and then we ate pizza). Oh, this was also the day that my laptop decided to die. Again. ::sigh:: So if you have emailed me lately (Janet, I’m talkin’ to you, my friend – I’m not ignoring you!!! I promise! We have been oohing and aahing over your photos!!!), yes, I have received your email, and I have lots to respond to, but it’s just so exhausting to type on my iPhone when I have a lot to say.

THEN! Thursday! Oh wow, Thursday was CRAZY. I don’t know if you followed much of the news here in Oklahoma, but wildfires started popping up out around my parents’ house and within a matter of hours, about 100 homes went up in flames. My parents live out in eastern Oklahoma City, almost out in the country, if you will. They’ve lived in their house since I was born, and it’s the place where we all go back to. It’s, well, home. We love it there. Anyway, I talked to Dad as he watched the flames shooting up back behind the neighbor’s house, and he was nervous, and then the police came and told them to get out. So they did. They just got in their car, and drove to IHOP and ate pancakes. Because sometimes you just need a little pancake comfort, you know?

Simon and my brother in law decided they needed to go out and see about this and they did not know that the police had evacuated them. But by the time they got out there, there was a whole lotta fire going on, and they started loading up the computer and their GINORMOUS filing cabinet into the car. Pure adrenaline, they both said.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Amy had Jude and the boys and I was at the genius bar at Apple (grrrr — darn laptop). Simon and Eric sprayed down the house, ran the sprinklers, helped the neighbor across the way get some of the fires beat down, and shot some pictures on their iPhones in the process. If I was on my laptop or had htese photos, I would post them here. But I don’t. Grrr. 🙁

The guys were totally awesome. We are still in awe of them going out in an act of love. I picked up Jude, and came home and watched the coverage on the news in tears. I just thought, “I really don’t want to watch Mom & Dad’s house go up in flames on TV.” Simon, meanwhile, was sad, too — he just couldn’t stand the thought of losing it. Yes, our families were safe, and yes, it’s just stuff — but really, it’s the memories & the family love that’s embodied there, you know? I guess that’s what makes a house a home.

He finally got home around 10:45. The fires were under control, and my little Smokey the Bear smelled verrrrrrry strong. HE was exhausted, but he was so brave! And they passed out bottled water to the firemen – how great is that? So now all’s well that ends well, and this Easter we had a lot to be thankful for.

As for Easter, we hosted it at our house this year and it was so great. On Saturday, we enjoyed working in the yard and planting some flowers (ok, really, it was Simon – I supervised). And then we got up and went to church and had such an amazing service (I LOVE our church!) and before we knew it, we were back here at the house, enjoying a delicious lunch.

Despite the rain today, it really was a beautiful day. I’m thankful for our family and friends who celebrated with us today, this most special, holy day to us, honoring Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. He is risen; he is risen, indeed!

So, after a crazy week, we are tired, but content. House or no house, in sickness or health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer – we have each other. And that is all that matters.