Be Our Guest

Remember how I said we were working on sprucing up the guest bedroom? I’ve been percolating on it for a few days, how I just want to do a few more things to it to make it feel just right and not like a mishmash of stuff. I really want it to feel pulled together.

Simon and I were talking about how much we loved the gorgeous Mary McDonald bedroom featured in Domino (sigh! RIP, dearest!) a few months back. I think this is kind of my inspiration point for the spare bedroom.

I’d like to paint the wall with the curtains and the window a dark blue, I think. And leave the other walls be, for now. I think those curtains I hung this last weekend will really pop against the blue. Plus, with our dark blue Greek-key rug in there from WSHome/PB Outlet, it’ll be really elegant. Heck, we may decide to move on upstairs!  🙂

Here’s another inspirational photo. I can’t remember who the designer was on this one, but it was in House Beautiful.

Ok, so here’s what it looks like currently (below):

I hung the curtains and rearranged the furniture to accommodate all the pieces we have in there. This is the view from the door. Plus, I think that the yellow accents I have (the chest above as well as some other artwork and accessories) will be really fun against the blue.

Any suggestions, thoughts, etc. for me? Send ’em on over!