Pray for Stellan

I can’t remember how it came to be that I first stumbled upon MckMama’s blog. I think it might’ve been via the story of Audrey Caroline at Bring the Rain. Bring the Rain is written by Audrey Smith, the wife of Christian singer Todd Smith. Her precious little one, Audrey, died at birth. Her blog is an amazing story of how God has worked in her life through the death of her baby, as well as in the lives of others.

Anyway, several months ago, she linked to MckMama’s blog because they were asking for prayer for MckMama’s unborn baby, Stellan. The doctors told her that Stellan was going to die when he was born because of a terrible heart condition. Ultimately, God totally healed Stellan in an amazing, miraculous way. He has been a happy, healthy baby, and the doctors have no way of explaining his miraculous recovery.

Regardless, the threat of future heart problems has always been near. A few nights ago, Stellan was taken into the hospital because he was breathing pretty hard, and I guess his heartrate was sky high. They’re having a hard time bringing it down and it’s all very serious.

Will you pray for baby Stellan? He’s only 4 months old, and his is such a powerful story. I really enjoy reading MckMama’s blog because of her faith and trust in God, as well as her love for her little ones (4 kids total). But I cannot imagine the hardships she and her husband are facing.