It’s in the Mail

The ice storm is over and Oklahoma City is thawing out. School was canceled for three days in a row, the last day being inexplicable as the roads were perfectly fine. I think any excuse for a snow day must have been the final reason. 

Today I had a special playdate arranged for us. At ten o’clock, Christina dropped off Jenna and Bryce (of Omniplex and Gingerbread House-decorating fame) and we have been having great fun ever since. Jenna is 4 and Bryce is nearly 2. When Jude woke up from his nap, his eyes got huge and he was super stoked to have real live kids in his house. To play with! He keeps trying to get close to Jenna, but with no luck. She is not interested in him whatsoever, and he can’t seem to figure this out.

When I was at WalMart yesterday, I picked up these adorable Valentine’s mailbox kits for $4. It came with a box and a bunch of valentine’s stickers and stencils. I thought this would be the perfect stuck-inside craft since our yard is pretty murky from all the melting snow and ice and we wouldn’t be able to go outside. Bryce and Jenna are too cute – they colored and stickered their boxes. I made Jude’s for him — I made it more of a general mailbox rather than a Valentine’s specific one. We even made mail to put in our mailboxes. I have a ton of leftover envelopes from invitation projects, and the little return-RSVP envelopes are perfect for this. We used stickers for stamps, and I made postcards, letters, and cards from Grandmother.

I considered making bills, too, but oh well — plenty of time in life for that kind of thing!  All in all, this was such an easy and fun project, and the kids really enjoyed it. I loved playing makebelieve when I was little, pretending like I had a little post office set up, or a grocery store. 

Thanks, Christina, for letting me steal your kids for the day! Let them come again!