TGI Monday

Oh my! Only 3 more sleeps til Christmas!

I hope you had a better weekend than I did. Friday was marvelous. Saturday started out  marvelous. Simon’s parents offered to keep Jude on Saturday night, so we took them up on that offer and dropped him off. We had a yummy dinner at Iguana, and then headed to the mall to catch Australia and do some Christmas shopping. After shopping, we settled in for the (long) movie and about halfway through, I became distinctly nauseated (and no, it wasn’t the movie that made me naseous).It didn’t go away. After the movie, we came home and I went straight to bed, only to wake up a shortwhile later to, ahem, bow to the porcelain god. Nothing like bonding with your loved one while puking your guts out! I did nothing but lay on the couch all day Sunday, feeling like I had the flu.

Now, more than 24 hours later, I feel a whole lot better. Although, I do feel entirely hung over from the 2 Tylenol PMs that I took last night before bed. 

Anyway, are you ready for Christmas?!?! We are!!!!