Home from Surgery

I’m happy to say that Mom is now home from the surgery center. It feels a whole lot later than 5pm here; the day seemed to creep along rather slowly on our end.

I took Jude to Mother’s Day Out this morning, and pulled all our things together in preparation to stay at Mom and Dad’s for a couple of days. Mom was scheduled to go in for prep at 11:30 this morning, and while I did not get there to see her beforehand, Dad was there with her as was my aunt JoAnn. My sister (along with nephew Luke) and my brother also showed up around the same time as me, and we all watched the clock tick tick tick.

Side note: are there any well-designed, beautiful hospital waiting rooms? Or any kind of medical facility, for that matter? Today we sat in an ugly yellow surgery center waiting room. For lack of a better description, it was urine yellow. Really. It was. That’s awful, but that’s just how bad it was. RIdiculous soap operas blared from a TV in a hospital-issue armoire from the corner, and magazines from 2006 awaited us on the table. Fluorescent lighting prevailed. I know that white is considered to be too cold and sterline, but really anything has got to be better than typical hospital mauve, teal, or urine yellow. Who can feel better about themselves in a facility like that?

Ok, rant over. Moving on.

Luke and I made a mid-afternoon McDonald’s run for a snack. He’s so much fun to talk to. We discussed our favorite foods over french fries and Dr. Pepper. He’s quite the little man. When we got back, Mom was in recovery. She came through with flying colors but was definitely in a fog from the meds. Dad got to scrub in to watch since he’s a doctor, too, and friends with the surgeon.

It took awhile for her to get to go home, but our nurse was SO nice and helpful. We have to be super-careful with Mom for awhile because of how numb the nerves in her leg are from the anaesthetic. She doesn’t like being a patient; she wants to get up and go, and understandably so. But within a couple of days, she’s going to be up and at ’em like normal.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers today! Keep them coming — she’s going to be hurting probably once the anaesthetic wears off, so keep us in mind.


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