More Birthday Fun


Yesterday, Jude and I went to Williams-Sonoma, where I purchased the cutest set of animal cookie cutters. WS does a really great job of packaging their stuff, too. Everything is just so darn fun and attractive. They came in a great little box reminiscent of old-fashioned animal crackers. There’s a seal with a ball, a lion, a tiger, an elephant, and a giraffe with a very skinny (read: easily breakable) neck. I had a vanilla shortbread mix at home that I’ve been wanting to make, so I figured that I would use these on them for the party. While the detail on the cookies didn’t come out exactly as I would have liked, they are pretty cute. And most importantly, they’re extremely yummy. Very buttery, as they should be.

I have no doubt that we will be getting a lot of use out of these in the future. 

I also purchased the party favors today too. When I was pregnant with Jude, we referred to him as The Bean. Even after he was born, it took me awhile to call him by his actual name. He was just always The Bean, and that was that. I semi-wondered if we should’ve given him “Bean” as a middle name, since we called him Jude Bean all the time anyways. (For the record, his middle name is Simon, after his daddy). 

Anyway, with all this talk of beans, I figured that it would be a good party favor to give away sweet little jelly beans. I got three different flavors: cherry, lemon, and very berry. While I’m not the biggest fan myself of jelly beans, they really are pretty yummy. I was pleasantly surprised!

The tins were left over from our wedding (that’s right – I’ve been sittin’ on them for 3 years!). We used them then as favors; they were filled with M&M’s and I tied them up with a ribbon band and a sticker with our address on them. I’m not done with these; I still want to put little stickers or something on them. 

with love,

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