Oklahoma City Museum of Art

I’ve been meaning to get to the OKC Museum of Art lately, as we are hosting an exhibition of Roman art from the Musee du Louvre. While Roman sculpture, etc., isn’t really my strong suit, I did enjoy getting to peruse the collection. In particular, there were some amazing pieces of jewelry. The detail was so fine and precise. Alas, I only got in one photo (above) before my camera was shooed away by a snickering guard and his buddy who was just hanging around with him. :-  Apparently, though, photography is allowed in every other part of the museum as I had had no previous problems. 
The museum is also home to a gorgeous permanent exhibition of Chihuly glass. Chihuly may be somewhat commercial, but nobody does colored glass like he and his studio. They photographed particularly well in the dark space of the galleries. Every piece is so striking in the light; it feels like you’re underwater, surrounded by the most beautiful, colorful sealife.

I didn’t remember these charming little putti and bird figures from my last visit. They were so shimmery and delicate. There was one owl in particular that I really liked.

Don’t you just love the milky color of this photo above? It’s in stark contrast to the other translucent pieces around it. I just loved it. It’s so soothing.

This was Jude’s first visit to an art museum. I think he liked all the bright colors. If anything, it’s just fun to take him places and see his reaction to things. 
As you can see, he also enjoyed snacking on his, um, feet, while we were checking out the modern galleries.