New Furniture!

I was delighted when our new furniture for our bedroom was delivered promptly at the beginning of August. I give Z Gallerie credit — I’ve had furniture delivered by the alleged white glove service of WSHome and Pottery Barn, and neither were as efficient or professional as the service that ZG offered. So, 5 points for the ZG. Since we had ordered a new dresser, our old Ikea dresser got moved upstairs into the bonus room, where it now houses our board games and other goodies. I also spent a good majority of today trying to install our stupid top-of-the-stairs baby gate (see photo above, on the left side of the picture). Ugh. I have a college degree for goodness’ sake, and I could not get this thing installed to save my life. Very frustrating. 
Anyway, here’s Simon’s new nightstand (see above). It is the match to our new dresser below, which I am so pleased with. I really loved the look of this WS Home dresser, but the price was very prohibitive. So I feel like we got the look of the stacked dresser but with nowhere near the price tag.
Plus, it fits perfectly in our little nook in the bedroom. Our room originally had two built-in closets; the woman we bought the house from ripped them out, and added in a ginormous master closet to the house. So, we have these little inset areas; one of them houses our TV (not worth showing yet — still rough, designwise) and the 2nd one houses our dresser.
Here’s my nightstand; it was really hard to get a good picture of either of them. Our room tends to be a little on the dark side. I really love mine, though. The mirrors are so fun, and it’s great to have enough room to stack up all my books in the compartment below. PLUS, I am LOVING that we both have pull-out trays. So convenient! Our old bedside tables were so dinky, and not tall enough. We feel like we’re living in luxury now. 
Our room sits off the main entryway. I really love coming out of our room and looking at this vintage poster. She has such a funky style and great movement. To the left is the formal living room and the stairs; to the right is the family room and kitchen.
I also realized that in my post below about Grandmother’s buffet and the PB knockoff, I needed to take a newer picture of it. Here it is in our entryway. I just love it here. I received many things from my Grandmother, including the mirror above the buffet. The globe lantern to the left was in Grandmother’s guest bedroom. As a little girl, I always loved to turn it off, as if I were blowing out an old-fashioned lantern, before I would go to sleep. I loved staying at her house. She was such a wonderful Grandmother.
These two tiny pictures of me as a little girl were from her house, too. For as long as I can remember, these were in her house, and I loved to hold them and look at them. Mom let me have them when she went through Grandmother’s things. The one on the right makes me think of Jude.
Speaking of Jude, here he is, caught in the act — getting into all of my magazines! Guess it’s time to move them; he’s already shredded up Harper’s Bazaar!